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Film Analysis

Ron Howard directed A Beautiful Mind in 2001. The movie was well received by critics and psychologists used it as a teaching tool. Based on a true tale, the movie was made. The movie depicts John Nash’s life, a famous mathematician who is paranoid and schizophrenic.

This character suffers from schizophrenia, which is characterized by paranoid thoughts, hallucinations and delusional thinking. John’s daily life is affected by this disorder, as are his relationships with family and friends. It also affects his career.

Schizophrenia, a serious mental illness that is incurable, affects many people. It does not discriminate based on age, race or economic background. It causes disorganization in the mind, language, and behavior of those who are affected. They often see, hear or feel things that aren’t real. In the majority of cases, schizophrenia symptoms appear when a person is in their 20s or younger, but they do not show up in the movie until Nash reaches 30. John Nash’s biggest problem is that he is unable to differentiate between reality and fiction. He handled the situation very well and accurately.

It is an excellent portrayal of mental illness, which makes it a great tool for researching different psychological topics and concepts. The film A Beautiful Mind is not just about a schizophrenic. It also portrays how the disorder affects his family and can lead to a breakdown in reputation. The plot is essential to understanding the movie’s main idea and the uniqueness of the schizophrenia case.

John is just a normal student at PrincetonUniversity. Charles is his roommate and he becomes very close to him. John is portrayed to be an unsociable character. He doesn’t attend class and spends more time with the numbers than people. He is not able to communicate well with women. They think he’s rude and brutal. John Nash began working on game theory while he was a college student. It would later be his most notable work.

Nash becomes a mathematics teacher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, after graduation. Although he believes his classes to be useless, the students are very interested and attentive. Alicia comes into his office later to discuss and present her solution. They eventually fall in love and get married. It seems that they have a good family and live a calm life. However, everything can change at any moment.

Nash’s entire world changes after he visited Charles, a Princeton friend. John meets a man dressed in black, who is employed by the Department of Defense. John is then given the task of decoding the Soviet messages which are hidden in numerous magazines and papers. This man told him to keep his work a secret, so he placed the reports in a plain mailbox. John does as instructed, but knows it is wrong and could negatively impact his life.

John is exhausted and paranoid. John’s wife notices. Alicia is unsure what to think. She wonders why her husband is acting so strangely. She calls up a mental hospital to ask for help. Nash is taken to the hospital by doctors who try to convince him that he’s ill and in need of treatment. Nash is convinced that the men in the hospital are Soviet agents. However, Alicia has to show him the documents Alicia considers ‘top-secret’ before he can believe it. John is forced to face the truth. He realizes that everything he did for the government has been a dream. He accepts what is true and seeks out psychiatrists for help.

Nash, after enduring painful shock treatments, leaves the hospital to begin living at home. He is required to take antipsychotic medications. After a few days, he quits taking the pills. His delusions soon return. He follows the agent’s instructions and decodes secret messages. Alicia tries convincing Nash again that the ‘work he did for the Government’ does not exist, but his behavior makes her run and leave. John is shocked to see Charles and his niece. He knows that these are delusions because they were always the same age. The climax of this film is when John begins to struggle with his own reality and himself.

Nash decides to ignore his delusions, and live a normal life. He asks them to stop bothering him and thanks everyone for their memoirs. Nash works with students and completes his work in the library. He can now teach. Nash gets a phone call telling him he’s going to win the Noble Prize. The most moving moment in the film is when Nash’s professor colleagues present him with their pens. The professor wins the Nobel Prize. In a speech, he thanks the audience for their support and also his wife.

John is shown to be a socially awkward and withdrawn person throughout the film. He has conversations with Alicia and friends but he is also able to see and hear his friend Charles as well his niece and a Department of Defence agent. But they do influence his behavior. Students are scared of him when he loses reputation and can’t accept his genius. John Nash appears to be schizophrenic and a madman. A Beautiful Mind shows how to integrate a mentally ill person in society.

John’s illusions are complex. They represent to me some of the hidden characteristics and intentions of John’s character. Charles represents John’s desire for communication, but he appears to be utterly unsociable. Charles’s niece reveals the innocence of Charles and his eagerness to know more about this world. William Parcher represents John’s adventure and willingness to put his ‘beautiful brain’ into practice.

It is difficult to describe the situation without mentioning the effects that John’s ill health has had on Alicia. She’s definitely the most affected. She is emotionally stressed and helpless. John’s schizophrenia has left her feeling powerless. The movie shows that mental illness affects not only the person suffering from it, but also those around him. The schizophrenic must deal with symptoms, but his family has to accept him.

Personal opinionI can describe my attitude towards John Nash in two words: respect and admiration. The reasons for this are quite obvious. He was afflicted with a terrible illness that destroyed his plans and life. He lived a happy and successful life, despite his delusions. He lost his career and life. Many people who find themselves in a similar situation would be unable to survive.

It is clear that he’s a man who has overcome his illness, and he deserves to be praised and admired by the public. He has overcome his weakness and learned how to deal with his illness. His example shows that schizophrenia symptoms and difficulties can be managed. This helps us understand those who have schizophrenia or other mental disorders.

I picked this movie because it represents schizophrenia best to the healthy population. They think of schizophrenics like those who only talk to themselves, or do weird things. A Beautiful Mind is a movie that helps people understand what people with mental illness feel and why they do these things. The movie A Beautiful Mind helps people understand what a schizophrenic feels and why.

This film can be used to teach people about schizophrenia. Its peculiarities and effects are also discussed. Aside from the great cast and director, the film also has a good portrayal on the progression of psychosis. In terms of the clinical representation, it can be said that this movie is true to real life. It is therefore worth watching and analysing.

The film inspires me to be thoughtful and inspired. John Nash’s fascinating story will not leave you indifferent. It evokes so many emotions. The film tells the story of John Nash, a man who is inspired by love, struggled with life, and suffered many hardships. He teaches others who are ill to fight and remain strong for the sake of family and friends. The film has many moving scenes, including the final scene where John discovers that he’s ill.

The film has inspired many to research John Nash’s life, which was a bit different than the one shown in the movie. The main character and his “beautiful intellect” appeal to me.

ConclusionSumming it up, A Beautiful Mind’s psychology is a valuable lesson for people of all walks of life. It helps them develop their own self-awareness. The film, despite being a little different from John Nash’s real life, is not meant to be a biography but rather to portray mental illness. It is intended to illustrate how to live with the problem. The main protagonist was able return to a life of normalcy by becoming more self-aware. He also ignored the symptoms that were causing him to suffer from schizophrenia. The film depicts the struggle that is never-ending. The main protagonist was able do it and succeed.


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