Summary And Analysis Of John Carpenter’s Horror Film Halloween

Horror is a genre that has always fascinated people. Horror films are popular because they leave people feeling excited, terrified and thrilled. John Carpenter, an American film director, screenwriter and composer, is a popular choice for horror movie audiences. Best known for his association to horror, science and action genres. He is most famous for the film Halloween.

Halloween is the story of a Michael Myers sent to an institution for mental health after he murdered his older sister. He escapes the institution and returns to his childhood neighborhood in Haddonfield. Michael then begins to terrorize town. Halloween is a good example of a scary movie, as it shows the evil forces that threaten society. This film explores the outrageous behavior and sexual corruption of Michael Myers. The values of the middle-class community are known to suppress any evil thoughts or actions. Halloween is a good reminder to be aware of those around us.

Halloween is an horror film. Robin Wood interprets Halloween as a terror film, stating that it’s a way for people to express repressed or abnormal impulses. Belton believes that horror films help people discover their relationship with others. Halloween is a good example. Michael Myers must be a’sexual deviant,’ and his behavior will continue to grow until adulthood. In the movie, all the characters are from Haddonfield, Illinois. This small town seems safe and free of evil eyes. Everyone seems to know one another and appear safe, until Michael Myers comes home. Michael Myers has been a psychopath since he’s a kid. After he witnessed his sister naked having sex, he murdered her. His parents took him to the hospital so he could one day recover. Carpenter shows the scene in which Michael hides behind a bush while following the girls to their home. Laurie, who is the only one who can see him, remains on guard while her friends tease and taunt her for not having boyfriends. Laurie has noticed that someone is always watching her. She does not know, however, who they are because the person disappears before she can tell anyone. The town witnesses the wild behavior of teenagers on Halloween night. Annie and Lynda are shown talking about cigarettes and sex all night long. Laurie and Annie must babysit the same night. Annie and Lynda will use babysitting services to have a private place with their boyfriends. Laurie enjoys babysitting Annie and her child. She is not known for these behaviors, but rather as a bookworm. Michael Myers’ murder is delayed until Dr. Loomis informs the police.

John Carpenter uses 1970s fears to demonstrate that evil lurks all around us. Carpenter uses scenes such as when Annie was leaving her boyfriends house in her car and Michael killed her. Lynda, who had sex with Michael’s boyfriend, is also killed by Michael. This proves that you can get into trouble if your behavior is illicit. Annie could have easily noticed that the car had been left unlocked. She could have been in a safe place if she didn’t insist on visiting her boyfriend. Lynda could have realized Annie was already dead if Lynda had not been so intent on having sex. Laurie Strode was the only survivor in a horrifying incident. Laurie Strode was the only survivor and she caught a glimpse at Michael during the entire film. It was the only time that the audience had seen his face. She was more focused on education than her friends. Her friends smoked and enjoyed sex. Laurie’s success is a feminist example of empowerment as she was able to defend herself, and protect her children. She was the only person to have seen Michael Myers. She could be prepared and is a resourceful woman. She was clever in the film and used needles to stab the assailant. She also went upstairs to protect her babysitting children. She is said to be powerless by some critics because Dr. Loomis rescued her. They think that Dr. Loomis must have been there to save and rescue Laurie. Dr. Loomis fired six shots at Michael and was able defend Laurie. She was helpless and needed to rely solely on outside assistance. She tells the doctor that Michael is indeed the Bogeyman.

Halloween uses sound and camera to tell a descriptive tale. He uses sound to create tension in the film. The phone was ringing constantly when Myers walked outside Laurie’s window. It created tension. Annie called Laurie to see if she needed a lift. The music is a warning that something terrible is about occur, or someone is dying. Carpenter uses camera movements and shots to make us believe that Michael can be anywhere. Carpenter uses a wide shot to reveal Judith Myers’s clothes before killing her. Carpenter breathes loudly in the house. The sound can’t be heard anywhere else. Michael was initially only visible from his neck. It shows that Michael was not supposed to be seen publicly and is running. It is a sign of his danger.

Tommy would tell Laurie the Bogeyman was out there, but Laurie refused to believe him. She insisted that he wasn’t real. Laurie informs Tommy of the Bogeyman’s absence. Tommy actually meant Michael when he called him the Bogeyman. Tommy tells Laurie that he cannot kill the Bogeyman. Laurie finally decides that Michael was indeed the Bogeyman. Michael Myers’ identity is hidden. Because he is wearing a mask, we cannot see his true identity. This proves that he is hiding his identity in order to satisfy his horror fantasies. Michael Myers’ hair is the only remnant of his youth, indicating that he has not changed since he was young. Michael Myers, the killer of Halloween, survived stab wounds as well as multiple gunshots. He also fell from a 2nd-story window. Michael Myers is always on the lookout for new victims. Evil is everywhere.

John Carpenter portrays Michael Myers as a demon that is uncontrollable. Michael escapes from a mental hospital and returns to his original murder scene. In town, he begins to store three teenagers Laurie Annie and Lynda. He waits for a time and place where he is able to get the girls, and then kills them. Dr. Loomis as well as the police are searching for him. After the movie, we find out that he’s still alive and not dead. John Carpenter shows us this by showing that no one is ever safe. It is for this reason that some people enjoy horror films. Halloween is a great way to be scared.


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