A Movie Analysis Of The Butterfly Effect, A Science Fiction Film By Eric Bress And J. Mackye Gruber

Personally, I’ve always liked movies that have a message for the audience. I love movies that make you think to understand the story. First time I watched the movie, I had watch it again because I was unable to make all of the pieces fit. When I watched it again, the first scene clearly explained the importance of these ideas. In the beginning of the film, there is a definition for chaos theory. The theory is based on the idea that even small differences at first can have unpredictable consequences in future. The fact that I was forced to rewind the film is a direct representation of this idea. This theory was not explained in the first scene. I did not understand the meaning. This film was very insightful into Psychological subjects, and it also gave one a chance to reflect on his or her own memories. This film takes the brain on a journey of truth. Some of the topics covered in a film like this make you question them. These ideas seemed very plausible to the audience, which kept them engaged. The chaos principle is present in most areas of daily life. This leads to greater self-awareness. These ideas have broadened my view of memories. This film has changed my perspective on life.

Kayleigh & Evan are the two love-interests of the story. Ashton Kutcher, Amy Smart and other actors play these characters. The movie was released in 2004. The film’s production took a long time. These films also featured many minor characters. Tommy, on the other hand, didn’t play a small role. For those who’ve seen the movie, Tommy was Kayleighs bullying brother. He is the antagonist of the movie. You think he’s changed and then he goes back to his old ways. He does everything he can to keep Evan’s sister in love with him.

The series that is expressed in the first scene will be my starting point for analysis. Scenes last about three minutes. They are limited to one place. After the chaos-theory delusion message, a brand new sight is presented to the audience. Translucent panels of glass hide an unknown figure. As the scene progresses, audiences feel a surge of excitement. The Butterfly Effect doesn’t take long to get started. The screen immediately flashes back to a coma induced by even more anxiety. Evan, (the protagonist), quickly opens his briefcase in order to search through the jumble of papers. He locks himself into a small room for privacy. Music and audience hearts are beating quickly. There are many assumptions that can be made from the short sequence of events (DomSaint,2012).

This scene illustrates a situation that is not just about location. Evan is in a hospital or ward. Evan’s gown-like attire in this scene is a clue. The Psychiatrist sofa in the background is also a nice touch. The clothing in this scene is very important. In reality, Evan is experiencing a flashback. The audience may not be aware of the concept at first. After a thorough analysis, it is clear why the director made this choice in The Butterfly Effect’s opening scene. This scene was needed to help audiences understand the chaos theory. The audience can make connections between all components because they are linked. Most people would not be able to relate without these obvious themes. It is because the brain’s complexity is well-described in the movie DomSaint (2012).

This scene only features Evan’s internal dialogue with his doubts. Evan wasn’t aware of the control he could exert over his transcendence into the past, future, and present. We can tell from this scene that Evan’s abilities are now well-known. The scene’s specific points helped many people come to conclusions about these issues. This scene revealed the future of Evans’ life. This dynamic method provided audiences with just enough details to make them have an Aha moment. Evan was able, through a strict focus, to go back and change the past (DomSaint 2012). The beginning scenes are crucial for the audience to understand and interpret the ideas that follow.

This film’s audience will be enthralled by the ambiguity of this opening scene. The thrills continue to build throughout the movie. After a few moments, the audience anticipates what will happen next. The strategies used to create anxiety in the scene are a reflection of Evan’s emotions. During this particular scene, he feels as if he’s lost his sense of himself and mind. The audience can sense the disorganization of this scene as papers are thrown everywhere. The fluctuating echoing symphonies strategically orchestrated adds suspension to the whole situation. The audience gets a feeling of panic, and a rush (DomSaint,2012). Evan’s situation is made worse by the music.

Evan’s erratic, frantic behaviour is a clear indicator. This scene allows for a strong feeling of emotions, and I believe this should be examined along with all the others. This film, as I said at the beginning of my essay, allows for a thought-provoking and interactive entertainment outlet. The movie DomSaint (2012) allows the audience to literally put themselves and their own experiences in its framework. The ideas that are presented do not seem to be too crazy.

This leads to a greater desire for knowledge on the topic. It is possible to confuse the brain beyond all belief when trying to retrieve information. Many truths can still be derived from brain research and similar topics. However, there are many other factors that complicate the ideas. Evan’s memories would randomly appear at random times. Even in the final stages, he was still unable to truly control these forces. Though he gained a deeper understanding of the situation, there was still a lot that he didn’t know. The chaos theory is related to these ideas, as a small change can have unexpected consequences. Evan attempts to stop Kayleigh’s father from raping her. Evan knows that this will only lead to worse things. Humans are never sure about the possible outcomes of choices they make. We should therefore choose wisely when making life-changing decisions. Even a small difference in the outcome can be fatal.

After reading the section below, I hope my audience is inspired to watch this particular film. It is important to me to familiarize myself with these ideas. You will be on the edge of your seat and anticipate new answers. The film shows that each person has a unique personality and different behaviors. Psychology is the study of these concepts, and how they are caused.


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