Tips & Tricks To Improve Your SAT Score By 200 Points

The Standardized Admissions Test is an examination that is used to determine whether a student will be admitted to a top university in the United States. This exam covers questions in various areas such as Reading and Maths. For Ivy Leagues to accept you, your SAT score must range between 1400-1500. Therefore, it is important to pay attention and prepare immediately.

Learn how to increase your SAT score by 200 points.

Tips to improve your SAT scores by 200 points

Even if the score is high, it takes at least two months to improve your SAT scores by 200. These are some ways to increase your SAT score by 200.

  • Begin taking practice tests once per week. This will enable you to see the weak areas. These parts can be worked on and you will perform better later.
  • You must identify your mistakes and then find the cause.
  • Next, you will need to create a goal. It is important to establish a goal for the SAT. This may be determined by the admission criteria for the university to which you are applying. Once you have decided on the score, work towards it.
  • It is important to ask yourself how many hours you should study for the SAT. You can do this by creating a SAT study plan and sticking to it. This will allow you to determine the time you must devote.

How to study for the SAT Maths

The Math sections of SAT’s are split into 4 subsections

  1. Algebra
  2. Problem solving and data analysis
  3. Advanced Math Passport
  4. Here are some other topics

These are some techniques to study for the SAT Math.

  • Practice tests: Try as many practice exams as possible. You must ensure that you don’t miss any sections of the Math section. Students often experience a time lapse when attempting to complete the Math section.
  • You must be able to perform basic calculations without making mistakes. To do this, you’ll need to master basic calculations quickly without making mistakes.
  • Speed training is a great way to increase your speed. This will allow you to solve problems faster.
  • Take a look at your answers. This will enable you to go back over all of the answers. You must get all the numbers correct to avoid any negative consequences.
  • Practice, practice, and more practice: We’ve all heard the phrase, “Practice makes perfect!” You know what you should do. You’ll gain confidence as you practice and get more familiarity with the SAT Math types. This will allow for you to quickly solve all the questions on your SAT Math test and eventually lead you to a high score.

How to improve your SAT Reading Score

  • First of all, you must know that 5 passages will take you approximately an hour to complete. There will be 52 questions that you must answer in the one-hour. These questions will relate to the passages you’ve read.
  • Next, determine how much time you will spend on each question. It is important to plan in advance so that you can read and answer the questions within the time allowed.
  • Reading questions can be ordered in difficulty. It is possible to choose your order of difficulty. You may find it helpful to start with the most difficult questions and then move on to the more challenging ones. You don’t need to panic if a question is difficult at the start. The most difficult questions can be saved for last, and the easiest ones can be solved first.
  • You should only read the relevant questions. Don’t waste time going through every word. Do not get bogged down in the details.
  • The main idea questions should be saved for last. You should answer the general questions at the end, including those that relate to the main idea or purpose. After answering the questions in detail, you can get a sense of what the passage is about. This will make it easier to answer general questions.

How to improve your SAT Essay score

Executing your essay is just as important to a high SAT essay score than the preparation. These are the steps to take to increase your SAT essay score.

  • How the SAT essays work: These essays require you to give multiple-choice answers for each section. The SAT essay section requires you to read, analyze, and write the essay. Two readers will score your essay. The sum of the scores received by each reader is used to determine the essay score.
  • You can learn analytical reading skills by reading professional writings and editorials. To learn how to write an essay, spend at least an hour per day reading professional writings.
  • You can use SAT essay templates to help you get an idea of how the essay will be written on the SAT day.
  • You should also ensure that you have read through the essay passage before you submit your essay to the SAT. Before you submit your essay, ensure that you have reviewed it at least twice after you’re finished writing. Your essay should have a strong body and an excellent ending.

These techniques are important, but so is having enough faith in yourself. You will get great results if you keep practicing the steps. Sage Education Services, a Dubai-based admissions and exam preparation center, can help you with any questions about the SAT preparation.


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