The website showcases its tables that are categorized into different tariff bands. Each band is divided based on a specific range of tariff points. Band 6 has a tariff point of 400 and above, while Band 5 has a range of 320 to 400 tariff points. Band 4 is for students with 240 to 319 tariff points, while Band 3 is for those with 160 to 239 tariff points. Band 2 enlists those with 80 to 159 tariff points, and Band 1 is for students with below 80 tariff points.

It’s essential to note that all of these tariff points encompass all qualifications of students and not just their A-level and higher results. To determine which band you should belong to for University, you have to take into account all the qualifications below and add up your total tariff points.

For further information and clarification about exams not mentioned in the list, click here.

The list below shows the different qualifications and the corresponding tariff points:

– 400+ tariff points – Band 6

– 320-400 tariff points – Band 5

– 240-319 tariff points – Band 4

– 160-239 tariff points – Band 3

– 80-159 tariff points – Band 2

– Below 80 tariff points – Band 1

240 points: vocational A-level double award at grade A (advanced GNVQ)

200 points: vocational A-level double award at grade B

160 points: vocational A-level double award at grade C

120 points: vocational A-level double award at grade D; A-level at grade A; Scottish Advanced Higher, grade A

100 points: A-level at grade B; Advanced Higher at grade B

80 points: A-level at grade C; vocational A-level double award at grade E; Advanced Higher at grade C

72 points: Higher, grade A

60 points: AS-level at grade A; A-level at grade D; Higher at grade B

50 points: AS level at grade B

48 points: Higher at grade C

42 points: Scottish Intermediate at grade A

40 points: AS-level at grade C; A-level at grade E

38 points: Scottish Standard Grade at band 1

35 points: Intermediate at grade B

30 points: AS-level at grade D, Key skills at level 4

28 points: Intermediate at grade C; Standard Grade Credit at band 2

20 points: AS-level at grade E; Key skills level 3 at grade A; Free-standing single unit, grade A (optional module for advanced math and vocational A-level students)


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