It’s rare to see a film with a bit from everything. Everything means humor, romanticism, and action. All three elements are needed, not just one. You can easily be warped [1] by a movie if it has these three elements. Spider-Man:Homecoming is an excellent example.

Spider-Man’s world is both familiar and unfamiliar. The characters are easy to relate to and we get absorbed in the film quickly. Most of the time, the characters are high school kids who are struggling to survive. This makes it easy for the audience to relate. The movie is a mixture of heartbreak, humor and normalcy. What makes this movie unique is its fictional section that features superheroes with superpowers. Peter Parker’s superhuman abilities make the story more exciting and stretch the imagination of the audience.

Peter’s journey from a boy to a man is what makes Spider-Man so strong[3]. As children, we’ve all been on this journey. The best stories are those that follow the traditional path to heroism. In this film, we’re transported to a fictional Brooklyn where Stan Lee gives teen boy Spider-Man powers. Through the entire movie, he struggles against himself as well as others in order to become a hero.

The facts are that many will compare this to the original franchise of Spider-Man and claim it is inferior, but they are wrong. Although it’s only been released for half a year, the movie has already made the second-most money of any Spider-Man film. It also has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 92%, which is outstanding. The movie is also the most natural and realistic version of Peter Parker. Spider-Man: Homecoming has a lighter tone than previous Spider-Man movies.


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