Pippa Middleton’s Backside – The Marxist Interpretation

A portion of the scholarly community is delving deeper into the analysis of Pippa Middleton’s posterior. The interest has expanded to the Republic of Ireland, where Gavin Wilkinson, a recent graduate from University College Dublin, has written a treatise on the subject called "Fetishising Pippa Middleton: Celebrity Posteriors, Whiteness and Class Aspirationalism." Gavin is renowned for his celebrity studies and is a graduate of Dublin Business School, where he wrote his undergraduate dissertation on "Celebrity Worship: Its Relationship to Religiosity and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder."

Gavin’s argument is intricate yet sophisticated. He aims to investigate the characterization of Middleton’s butt by utilizing Freudian and Marxist interpretations of fetishism concerning gender and class and exposing how her celebrity capital trades upon an economy of fetishized identity constructs. Furthermore, he analyses the materialization of Middleton’s posterior in a broader British context, focusing on how it operates as a sign of class aspirationalism and social mobility.

Gavin’s work appears in Celebrity Studies, an academic journal that launched in 2009 and has achieved preeminence in its field. Previously, the journal published a study by Janet McCabe of Birkbeck, University of London, called "And Bringing up the Rear: Pippa Middleton, Her Derrière and Celebrity," which dominated intellectual discussion of the meaning of Pippa Middleton’s posterior.

Gavin compares and contrasts two great theories of looking at the fetishization of Middleton’s rump. The Freudian approach relies on multiple perceptions concerning the synchronicity of both presence and absence of the buttocks, experienced through the mechanism of disavowal. Whereas, the Marxian approach substitutes social relations for value relations, resulting in alienation between people. The fact that this social estrangement is concurrently discernible and indiscernible mirrors Freud’s mechanism of disavowal and is especially useful for understanding the Pippa butt phenomenon.


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