Photo Diary: What A Socially Distanced School Day Looks Like In Denmark, Where Students Have Already Returned To Class Amid Coronavirus

Photo Diary: What a Socially Distanced School Day Looks Like in Denmark, Where Students Have Already Returned to Class Amid Coronavirus

As officials in America discuss the possibility of reopening schools amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, students in Denmark have already returned to the classroom, practicing social distancing measures.

In Denmark, grade-school students have recently returned to school as the country begins to ease lockdown restrictions. However, these students must follow strict guidelines regarding hygiene and social distancing. At Ringsted Lilleskole, a private school located about 50 miles southwest of Copenhagen, photographer Ole Jensen documented the students’ experience in a photo diary. Here is a glimpse of how education looks now in various schools across Denmark:

At Ringsted Lilleskole, children receive lessons outdoors as they are welcomed back to school on April 20, 2020, following a closure of five weeks due to the coronavirus outbreak. Currently, only students up to fifth grade are allowed to return, while higher-grade students must remain at home.

Vice Headmaster Bjarke Jon Jensen warmly welcomes the students back to school after a five-week closure.

Teacher Louise Sjoestein distributes hand sanitizer to the students upon their return, emphasizing the importance of adhering to social distancing and hygiene rules.

The students at Ringsted Lilleskole engage in open-air lessons as they settle back into school.

A sign at Ringsted Lilleskole provides instructions to the students regarding the new rules they must follow in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus within the school.

Vice Headmaster Bjarke Jon Jensen displays a special sign designed for parents, instructing them to say goodbye to their children in the car and refrain from entering the school premises. This measure aims to minimize the risk of the virus spreading among the students.

At Korshoejskolen public school in Randers, students enjoy their lunch break while following social distancing protocols.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen interacts with students during the reopening of Lykkebo School in Valby, Copenhagen.

Students at Korshoejskolen in Randers take a break to wash their hands, an essential practice for maintaining hygiene.

Teacher Rebekka Hjorth conducts music lessons outdoors with her 5.A class at Korshoejskolen public school in Randers.

Parents with their children patiently wait in line to enter Stengaard School, located north of Copenhagen.

Kindergarteners create a welcome-back flag to celebrate the reopening of school in Ringsted after a closure of five weeks due to the coronavirus outbreak.

In summary, while officials in America are still discussing the possibility of reopening schools, Denmark has already taken steps to resume education, implementing strict measures to ensure the safety of students and staff. The return to school in Denmark offers insights into the new way of learning during the pandemic.


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