Meet The Tech Guru Taking On The Word Gap One Mobile App At A Time

Meet the Tech Guru Taking on the Word Gap One Mobile App at a Time

A company that specializes in bilingual education has recently launched a mobile game aimed at preschoolers, designed to teach both English and Spanish. The founder of Bilingual Children’s Enterprises, Deborah Castillero, developed the app in order to meet the growing need for innovative language learning tools. The game, called Tipi Tom Tales, follows the adventures of Tipi, a young immigrant girl, and her cousin Tom, as they navigate the challenges of learning two languages. The app includes interactive puzzles, a digital painting game, and vocabulary exercises, all available in both English and Spanish. Castillero collaborated with an educational professor to create the curriculum for the app, which is based on the theory of dual language learning. The aim of the app is to bridge the "word gap" between children from different socio-economic backgrounds, as research shows there is a significant discrepancy in the number of words heard by kids from different family types. Castillero’s personal experience as an immigrant herself and her passion for education has driven her to address the needs of immigrant children. The success of the app has led Castillero to plan expansion, including adding more languages and additional educational activities. She hopes to make the app available on a global scale by finding new investors.

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