How To Fill Out The Common App’s Dreaded Testing Page

While most of the Common App is straightforward, the Testing section is more difficult. We will give you step by step instructions on how and what to do.

You should be aware that many colleges are accepting self-reported scores instead of official score reports. Official score reports will only be required if your application is accepted. For each college, check the website to find out if an official report is required.

Common App Testing's first page asks you whether you wish to self-report your scores. You can respond Yes or not. This gives colleges more work, but it's OK.

You must submit official score report from College Board and/or ACT.

You can be certain that your self-reports are accurate if you answer YES.

Here's the Common App's Testing page.

  • You can self-report the following scores: SAT, ACT and SAT Subject.
  • What scores you want to report for each type, when you will test them, and what the dates are (MMDDYY).
  • Enter all your passing scores for AP and IB, even if they aren't perfect, and the test date (MMYY). List all the future dates (MMYY), that you will take after senior year.

One application per college is sufficient to allow you to choose the best self-reporting options. This is how you can self-report scores for some colleges and not for others.

Scores are not required

  • Respond Yes.
  • Please indicate which tests you would like to report (SAT/ACT, SAT Subject Tests), AP, IB/TOEFL, PTE and IELTS
  • Enter your scores, test dates MMDDYY, future test dates MMDDYY and future test dates MMDDYY.
  • Report your SAT Subject Test Scores if they are high (typically 700s).
  • Submit the completed application to the college

Test-optional colleges

  • You can choose not to self-report your SAT and ACT scores but would like to report other scores such as AP and IB.
  • Please select only the scores that you are reporting, but not SAT and ACT. You can select the test you want to report if you have already completed an application for that test. Click on the x next the name of the test to de-select it.
  • Please indicate the number test(s) you wish to report.
  • Please enter the following details: date (MMYY), test name, score
  • Selecting "No" means that scores you've previously entered will be hidden from the school's applications, but not deleted. When you submit your application at a test-optional school, your scores are not visible to them. ATTENTION. Please also respond NO at the question " Please specify if your scores are being submitted to this college's questions
  • You should submit your scores if you have high scores. If a college does not accept test-blind students, then your scores will be rejected. But that is rare.
  • You can change the auto-reporting option back from "No", and scores from an already submitted application will reappearance on the screen.

Let's take an example to illustrate. These are the scores Max would have.

  • SAT: Total: 1370 | EBRW: 650 | Math: 720
  • English 31
  • Max's composite ACT Score of 31 is higher than Max's SAT Score of 30. Max's 1370 Total SAT Score is "equivalent", so she will only share her ACT score with colleges to whom she submits scores.
  • We'll assume Max doesn't want her scores reported by IB, AP, SAT Subject Test or any other score.
  • Let's assume Max applies to Duke, SMU or the University of Florida. Here are the policies and questions for each school, along with Max's instructions on how Max should complete each college's Testing page.
The title of nobility given to a man of high rank Southern Methodist University The University of Florida
Test policy 2021: Test-optional Test-optional in 2021 Tests are required
Colleges have mid-50% SAT scores and ACT scores 1450-1570









Test Page

Are you a self-reporter or want to report future dates and scores for any of these standardized tests: ACT/SAT Subject, ACT, SAT/SAT Subject, AP, IB/TOEFL/PTE Academic, IELTS, and AP?

No way.

She's in the low-mid-50% range.

Is it the original?


(She's middle-of-the-middle-50% range, so she'll self report ACT).

Is that so?


(She will need to provide scores so she can report ACT herself)

Is there anything I should know about this page? No, this page simply provides answers to questions you may have. No, that is not correct. Is it true? This question doesn't exist; UF is looking for scores

Max needs to be able share her AP scores with Max.

Only one row changes from the previous:

  The Duke Southern Methodist University The University of Florida
Test Page


You wish to self report scores or future test dates on any of these standardized examinations: ACT/SAT/SAT Subject, AP and IB.



(Select only AP-Tests

Is it original?


(Select ACT/AP Tests)

Is it true?


(Select ACT/AP Tests)


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