How To Cancel Sat Registration Before Test

Is it possible to cancel the SAT?

Yes. Yes. You can cancel your SAT registration. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the best choice, especially for financial reasons. No matter if you have signed up for the regular SAT, or the SAT With Essay, the $10 refund will be applied to your account. There are several ways to cancel your exam. We will first explain how cancellation works for the SAT.

How do I cancel the SAT

Call the Customer Service of College Board no later than 5 days before the exam date to cancel your SAT. You can cancel your SAT at any time you like, but you will not be eligible for a refund.

If a student feels unsafe or unwell on exam day due to the current state in the world, CollegeBoard offers a full refund. Customer Service will be happy to issue a refund request if the student is not feeling well or safe taking the test.

How to postpone your test

  • Step 1: Verify that you do not need to postpone/reschedule your exam.

Although it is not difficult to schedule a test rescheduled, you may need to pay $28. It is crucial to ensure that you can afford the change. Due to the unpredictability and pandemic, it is not possible to reschedule testing.

  • Step 2: Log in to CollegeBoard
  • Step 3 – Go to “My SAT”, where you can see all the tests you have taken.
  • Step 4: Select “Change registration” for the test you want to reschedule.
  • Step 5: You should now be able to access your SAT Admission Ticket on a new page. Scroll to page bottom and click “Change My Test Date.”
  • Step 6 (or the next page): You will see all other options regarding SAT Dates. It is important to choose the one that best suits you.
  • Step 7: You will be asked by the website to choose a test location. After confirming your personal information, you will be asked to pay the fee in order to reschedule.
  • Step 8: You will receive an email with a copy of your new admission ticket along with the updated testing date once this has been completed.

What to do if your testing center closes?

Makeup Testing is a great option if the test center closes during your exam.

Let’s take a look at makeup testing. Your exam will be taken at the same place you were first registered. The exam must be taken on the same day as you originally registered. A Saturday test is required for makeup exams.

Only the exams you signed up for will be available to you. You must take all exams. Also, bring your current admission ticket. Follow the instructions provided by the SAT Program to obtain the updated ticket.

How to Cancel the Subject Test of the SAT with Refund

You can cancel the SAT Subject Test to get a refund. To do this, contact Customer Service. To receive a refund, you will need to cancel your exam at least five working days in advance. Refunds may take up to six weeks for processing.

Can you cancel SAT registration without a refund?

You can cancel your SAT Registration and get a full refund. If a student cancels their SAT Registration before the exam date, it would not be allowed. If this happens, you will still need to contact Customer Service. However, the $10 partial reimbursement would not be granted.

You can also cancel your SAT Registration by simply not attending the exam. This is a waste of money and time. However, a failure to show up on the test date will result in the cancellation of your SAT Registration.

How to Cancel the SAT Essay Section

The SAT With Essay may soon be gone, but some people might still find themselves in areas where the exam is being administered.

If you decide to withdraw from the exam and are unhappy with the essay, there are several ways to cancel it.

You can cancel the SAT With Essay exam by logging into your CollegeBoard account. This will allow you to easily switch to the regular SAT exam. This exam can be cancelled without refund.

There is another option. You can cancel the essay part of the exam, but you must do it on the day. The test center coordinator will determine if there is sufficient space and materials. However, this change cannot be guaranteed. Students will sit next to you. You will be seated after other students.

But it is possible and you might be better off just taking the essay portion. If you are unable to give permission, the entire test will be cancelled.

What if I change my mind after cancelling?

Customer Service cannot accept a change of mind after they cancel your exam. Unfortunately, you will have the option to reregister and pay for the exam once again. You can request a refund if you cancel your test within the current pandemic guidelines. The $10 refund will not be enough to cover the cost of a whole new test.


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