5 Effective Tips To Score 1500+ For The SAT

Although it is possible to score a SAT score of 1500+, you will need to create a study plan and understand the process.

Let's start by looking at the scoring system for the SAT.

SAT scoring explained in a nutshell

Your 1600 score is divided equally into the two sections and Math (800).

There is a further division within the Verbal Section between the Writing (400 ) section and the Reader (400 ). The scaled scores in each section indicate that will not receive a grade on a bell-curve basis.

This is a great news as you'll be graded based upon your ability.

Each SAT test's difficulty will determine how it is scaled. Your raw score, which is the number of correct answers to questions, has been converted into a consistent and standardized scale.

You will lose a certain amount for every incorrectly answered question. This could be anything between 10-30 points .

Scaled score is a way to account in SAT papers for different difficulty levels. Scaled scoring will scale more harshly for tests with difficult questions, while scaled scales that are more manageable will scale more lightly.

Your percentile rank refers to how well your test score compares to others.

You scored higher than 87% if you scored in 87%

Calculating your Verbal section score

Each subsection has 400 points. Because 44 Questions exist in the former, and 52 in both the latter, each subsection is worth 400 points.

This means you can still do well overall even if you answer the Reading section incorrectly.

However, 3 errors in Reading questions and 2 errors in Writing questions are good targets. This will allow for some error, no matter how severe the test is.

Calculating your Math section score

There are two subsections of Math. However, when you calculate your final scaled score, the raw scores from the No-Calculator or Calculator are combined.

Math is a very harsh scale, so aim to make no more than 3 errors throughout the section.

Five SAT Study Tips to Score Higher

1. What concepts will the SAT test?

The SAT has the advantage of testing a limited and precise list. The SAT tests specific concepts so make it your goal to be able identify them from the beginning. These concepts can be highlighted by a centre that offers test prep courses. A score of 1500 or more is achievable if you are able to grasp these fundamental concepts.

2. Timed practice helps you build stamina

Time management is an important factor to consider when preparing for SAT. Even if your answers are perfect, it will affect your ability to finish the test on time.

It is important that you do multiple timed practice sessions before taking the test.

Prep Zone students should make the most of the 30-length tests available on our portal. This will help you build mental strength for your test.

3. Use only the best practice materials

There are many practice test options. Keep in mind that these tests are often more difficult than the SAT syllabus.

4. Track your mistakes

Logging your errors allows you to keep track over time.

To be able to fix problems, you need to know which concepts are frustrating you.

Blindly practicing without taking into consideration your weaknesses can lead to little improvement.

5. Your prep should be done slowly.

Do not attempt to memorize multiple practice tests in a week, especially , in the two weeks prior to the exam. This will increase your chances of burning out and decrease your chances of gaining anything useful from these efforts.

Instead, you should aim to take one test per week for two to three months. During this time, you can analyze any mistakes you make or tricky questions so you can focus on your next revision.

Is this possible?

Your efforts will not go unnoticed. You will achieve a 1500+ score if you are consistent with your revision and practice.


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