Calculating your SAT score

It is easy to calculate your new SAT Score. Simply count the section score (your raw score), and then look at the table. Right?

Unfortunately, it is not true. Instead, you now have two tables. One table converts your raw score in to a score from 40. The other one shows which 800 scale score corresponds to 40.

That last sentence was confusing, I'm sorry. The new SAT scoring system is slightly confusing.

There will never be a magic SAT score calculator because every test is different.

Let's take, for example, the SAT Reading Section. There are 52 questions in total. Let's suppose you missed 15. This will give 37 as your raw score. This is how I found it. I simply subtracted 15 (the wrong number) from the total section.

There is an additional step. This is where you will convert your raw score to a scaled one (that's 40 points). Let's use this table to show you how. Step one: Find the column to your left. This will give you the raw score. You can convert it to Math, Reading or Writing Scores.

This SAT raw conversion chart to scaled is taken from the College Board's SAT Practice Test 1. The chart can be used for estimating your SAT score based on any practice test. But, remember that each test is unique.

How to calculate your SAT Math score

1. Math: Count the number questions you correctly answered for the 20-question section as well as the 38-question segment (remember there is no penalty for incorrect answers . So, guess!

2. You can use the table to determine what scale score you have. Pay attention to the column entitled "math Section Score". This will give your real score.

Example Suppose you have answered 38 of 52 math questions correctly. This will result in a score of 38.

To determine what this means for math, you can look in the column below to the right ("math section scoring"). This is 600. This gives you a 600 in math.

How to calculate your SAT writing/reading score

These steps are required to determine your verbal score.

1. Count how many questions you correctly answered in the reading section.

2. The column "Reading test score" allows you to change the raw score into the scaled.

3. Count the correct answers to the writing questions.

4. You can convert the raw score to a scaled score by looking at "Writing and Language Score".

5. Add the reading and writing scaled scores together. Multiply this amount by 10. This is your verbal score.

Example. Let's assume you can answer all 32 questions correctly in reading section. This gives you a score 29. You must answer 29 correct questions for the writing section. This will give you a 28. This will give us 57. We multiply this number by 10 (57 x 10, = 570). In this example, your verbal score is 570.

Last thing: SAT score calculators

Every SAT is different. One may be slightly harder than the other. These variations can be accounted for by how we approach them. Equating attempts to make comparisons between SAT tests with different difficulty levels. Although equating requires statistics PhDs to understand the math, it's not necessary that we have to learn how it works. All scales will not be equal.

A perfect 800 can sometimes be achieved by a math section with a score of 57. This is possible if you have a math section that's slightly harder than the ones that follow this scale. But it is unlikely you will score a perfect 56 on a test. The differences between the scores are not so great. As you can see, even if a number 57 is 800, a number 56 will most likely be a 780.


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