Review Of The Book American Sniper By Chris Kyle

This award is for the most outstanding sniper. This book stands out for me because I know the stories of my family members in the military and can relate to their experiences in Iraq. Chris Kyle’s book is an incredible read and has quickly become my favorite autobiography. The autobiography is a remarkable account of what it means to be a Seal. The story is about a hero who still maintains his family life even as he travels the world fighting in wars. He still cares about his family and his spouse. I have learned to engage with my brothers younger brother through this book.

I have learned a lot from this book. It has shown me how hard work pays off. “BUDS” (Basic Underground Demolition) is the beginning of the training that will lead to becoming a SEAL. Chris Kyle was able to see that he could do it. His work ethic was superior to everyone else. Hell Week is the most difficult part of SEAL training. Hell Week is at the end BUDS and recruits are most likely to drop out during this week. Chris went through the pain and completed his training. Only 10% of recruits who start BUDS training complete it. Kyle was one of the few who completed it and became an SEAL. I have learned to love my family through the book. Chris was a father to a boy and a girl from 1999 to 2009. His family was his greatest concern. Chris Kyle, a true hero and a shining example of what it means to live a life of integrity, is the setting for American Sniper. The setting switches between Southern California as well as Iraq. The book illustrates the harsh conditions faced by soldiers and citizens of Iraq. The conditions in Iraq are terrible, from the roads and transportation to the way they live. American Sniper depicts the current crisis in Iraq. It shows the Middle East using imagery and metaphors. He also describes the horrors of war and how important it is to Chris Kyle and his comrades. Kyle describes PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) in California and how the support of family members can make a huge difference. Taya’s perspective is also included in the book. Taya can be described as Chris’s spouse. Another addition to American Sniper is this. Chris and Taya are always in touch, especially after they had their 2 children. Taya has a remarkable attitude and it is indicative of how a middleperson might view war. Chis is able to become a normal person after he has completed his tours. She is a key component of that process. Chris said, “My biggest priorities are God,” the U.S.A., and his family. Growing up in Texas made faith very important. Kyle became so passionate about his county, he wanted to join the Special Forces. This book has many positive qualities. Chris Kyle is a wonderful writer. I would like to thank him. This book has a wonderful read. I recommend it to teens and young adult readers.


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